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Color Chemicals

Color Chemical Business Unit provides dyes and functional dyes. Dyes are used for natural fibers, synthetic fibers, papers, leathers, wood coloring, food coloring and many other applications. Functional dyes are for opto-electronic applications such as ink-jet printing .
Through advanced production facilities and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Everlight is capable of providing top quality color chemicals and prompt delivery at reasonable prices. Our brand name has been well recognized in more than 80 countries around the world.

Category Products Applications
Dyes Reactive dyesDirect dyes

Acid dyes

Leather dyes

Anodizing dyes

Dyeing of cotton, linen and rayonDyeing of cotton, linen, rayon and paper

Dyeing of wool, silk and nylon

Dyeing of leathers and furs

Aluminum alloy surface coloring

Functional dyes


Ink-Jet inks

High purity dyes for jet ink formulation

Ink for Ink-Jet printers

CD-R, DVD-R dyes

CD-R, DVD-R recording layer

Dichroic dyes

Polarizer films

Light-fastness and UPF improving agent Evertex AF-20P Polyester fiber